Landbergh agit comme un partenaire actif pour le propriétaire, le promoteur, le promoteur du projet et l'entrepreneur.

The successful launch of a new project is essential and needs the necessary preparations. Here too, Landbergh offers added value with its distinctive approach.

At every stage of the sales process, be it sales on plan in the office or on-site sales in a yard container or a model apartment, proactive information events are organized on a regular basis in order to reach out to the often doubting candidate buyers.

Landbergh guides its buyers through the purchasing process and looks for solutions that meet the needs and wishes. Real estate investors and candidates looking for a new home can always count on expert advice without any pressure to propose things differently.

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Landbergh is specialized in the sale of new constructions : houses and apartments in Ghent, Deinze and surroundings. Click here to find out more